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EFT in the Workplace

We offer effective solutions to the business environment so that it can flow and grow into it fullest potential. With effective staff being and management the key to success, it makes sense to invest in something that shows results in a very short period of time.


The opportunity to expose employees of corporations to EFT tapping has tremendous potential for Manager, Leaders, Employees and Corporate EFT trainings are potentially the next great possibility of being able to share with them the profound uses of tapping for stress relative to the workplace.

With mental illness and stress in the workplace on the increase it is costing tax payers into the billions for absences each year. Something which has shown to significantly increase mental wellness, opposed to mental illness and thus lowering absences from work it that of EFT. 

Many if not most organisations are suffering due to large amounts of stress and anxiety caused by restructuring, work changes, uncertainty about the future, etc. They are full of conflict, communication challenges, and frustrated groups of managers and workers who are “at each other’s throats”. In other words, they provide the perfect environment for a bit of tapping – and if we can introduce it to them in the right way we can really help the organisation and the people in it to move forward.

When EFT is used in the workplace it not only helps with all of the above but also increases performance. We have used EFT in schools and have seen an increase in concentration and performance. If it can work for children it can work just as easily for adults. Check out the things below that EFT has been known to work for in the work place...

Conflict resolution | Headaches | Anger Management | Communication Skills | Change ManagementQuit Smoking | Insomnia | Stress relief | Losing Weight | Employee Management | Effective Team Building |Mental Wellness in the Workplace | Depression

What is EFT?

The therapy is known as 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' (EFT) and if you haven't yet heard of it, you will do soon! EFT is exciting psychologists all over the world because of its rapid and profoundly powerful results.  

This ultra-modern complementary therapy has its origins rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. It works on the body's energy systems, the same system used for over 3,000 years in acupuncture. EFT was developed by an American called Gary Craig who after working with psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan and following the discovery that imbalances in our energy systems can have profound effects on our personal psychology. Gary then encompassed Dr Callahan's creation of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and Psychotherapy into a much easier form in order to allow anyone the ability to use and benefit from this amazing discovery! This then gave birth to the name EFT. Gary had no idea that he had just pioneered the 'way forward' for many!


EFT is now Clinically Proven to Work!
Doctors in the uk are now being trained on how to use eft because of its ability to work faster and easier than that of medication.
Click on the video below to find out more!

How Does EFT Work?
EFT uses gentle tapping process on certain meridian points the body's electrical (energy) pathways to change the way energy travels around the body. By tapping on the meridian points, small shock waves are sent through the energy system which stimulates smooth flow and clears blockages.

Every experience has its emotional and physical counterpart. Similar of that to the circuitry of a tv, electrical messages (molecular energy) are constantly sent throughout the tv circuitry (physical) to pick up radio waves (non physical) giving you the picture you see as the end product of electrical, physical and non physical energy transference system.

It's the same thing for the human body electrical messages (molecular) are constantly sent throughout your entire body (physical) to keep it informed of what's going on. Without this constant energy flow you would not be able to see, hear, taste, smell or touch. It has been proven that just like running a screwdriver down the circuitry of a tv would interfere with the signal/picture quality, disruptions or blockages along the bodies own electrical pathways can cause limiting emotional thoughts, physical & mental abilities and can lead to ill-health, prosperity blocks, affecting many other areas which limits the abundant life you were born to live.

What Makes EFT So Special?
Many clients tend to report a huge shift in the way they feel about a particular event or thing happening in their lives, even if they don't know why at first. EFT can discover the root causes/s very quickly (this often depends on the practitioners ability to look for 'clues'). Once discovered, the whole emotional attachment to an experience/belief tends to fall just like a house of cards!

EFT sends calming signals to the amygdala part of your brain. This is where your flight, fight, freeze responses are held. It is here that you switch your survival instincts on and off. For many of us, we have grown up in a world where it is deemed as dangerous, threatening and therefore we are always in the survival mode. This is not healthy for the body because is floods the body with the tress hormone cortisol. When cortisol floods the body for long periods of time it can lead to a whole range of issues.

Realising that most of what you are stressed about is on an emotional level, eft is able to work its wonder.

For those of you who have spent weeks, months, or even years trying various alternative therapies and treatments in a desperate search for relief, EFT may come as something little short of a miracle.

"EFT Often Works Where Nothing Else Will And We GeT Astonishing Results!" - Gary Craig

• EFT sessions can be done in Person or even via Skype or Phone sessions.
• EFT can provide long awaited closure to many emotionally related aspects. 
• Does not involve drugs, needles or physical exercise.   
• Often other physical issues connected to an emotional experience tend to subside.

Will EFT Work For Me?
Where EFT is properly applied, over 95% of clients achieve either a very noticeable improvement of their emotional problem.

People receiving EFT often achieve amazing results with their problem. Sometimes this can happen within minutes (literally). Others may require a few sessions. More extreme cases may take a lot longer. Some clients tend to think it'll be the latter but are often shocked at the quick results that EFT can provide!

It is understood that addiction issues stem from an emotional experience which in turn creates an emotional response. In order to fully move on we must release any emotional triggers driving us toward certain behaviours in the first place and EFT is a great tool to zero right in on emotional triggers. EFT has had a profoundly positive affect for a whole host of things. Clients have experienced a miraculous turnaround through the use of EFT. For more information on how EFT can help you please contact us.​​​​  

To find out more information or to Book your appointment simply Contact Now!


Even though EFT is particularly effective please be aware that it is NOT advised that you stop taking medication following an EFT session regardless of the result. We are not medical doctors. In the likely event that you should notice an improvement in your mental/physical health, medical advice should always be sought before stopping any kind of medication.

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