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Law of Attraction Coaching

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When it comes to The Law of Attraction many people either don't know what it is, or have become confused by what it means, what it does and the effects it has on our daily lives. So in this section we are going to explain what the Law of Attraction is, What it does and how it affects our daily lives and the results that we are getting. 


What is The Law of Attraction

In order to answer this we must first explain that our universe is governed by Laws, such as The Law of Gravity. Everyone knows what the Law of Gravity does but nobody seems to know exactly how it was created in the first place. All they know of its existence is its affects on us and everything else that lives on Earth. Well, the Law of Attraction works much in the same way, as in, nobody knows exactly how it was created in the first place, only that it exists. 

How can we tell that the Law of Attraction exists?

Law of Attraction has been known about throughout history. Throughout our lives Law of Attraction has been present and yet so many of us did/do not know it even existed when we were young, why is this? This is because education was introduced for one main purpose - to get people into the work place. It wasn't designed for personal growth, only to give enough knowledge so that get into the workforce quickly. So Law of Attraction, although unidentified by the masses, went on working anyway whether we knew about it or not.

How does Law of Attraction work?

Law of Attraction works in one simple way, it matches vibration. Now, we know that everything in the universe vibrates, holds a frequency etc. But that frequency changes (especially in us) by the trillisecond. You can tell when your vibration is changing because you feel differently - excited or sad, angry or calm etc. These are all varying expressions of vibration. So whenever you are interacting with the universe, which is all of the time, it is picking up your vibration and matching it. For example; have you ever felt great when you have the flu, or felt sad whenever you receive gifts? These are two opposing feelings and a feeling is a vibratory state of being. So when we are expressing our thoughts and feelings we are also telling the universe what we want.

How does Law of Attraction affect our daily lives?

This is where learning new knowledge, tricks and techniques can be the game changer you have been looking for - that is, as long as you have the awareness that change is needed in the first place. Through feelings we can attract the perfect partner, feeling happier, better relationships, the amazing job, the dream house, the increased income and yes, it has even manifested babies (TWICE for clients who completed our course). The point we are trying to make here is that when you put your attention and intention to something in the correct way, it tends to turn up like magic!

So, if this sounds like something you'd like to experience, simply click on the link below

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