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All areas of the UK and overseas covered for Team Training and Help
How can Colin help your team to do, be and achieve more?

If you want Colin to help your team he can organise workshops, talks or seminars that will develop high levels of motivation, enthusiasm and results. These can cover many areas e.g. Adapting to Change, Working as a Team, Confidence, Delegating, Time Management, Selling, Networking, Following Up, Difficult Conversations, Leadership etc.


Outstanding Empowerment Speaker...


Colin Wyatt is an outstanding Empowerment Speaker, and recently demonstrated his skills delivering a positive and powerful presentation at our recent Business Networking Seminar in Leagrave. His high-spirited and positive personality certainly infected the audience, and left the crowd feeling optimistic with regards moving forward as self-employed business owners. We have already booked Colin for our next event!


Melinda Collavo


Event Organiser, Ixion

Colin is a bright spark wave when it comes to experienced speakers today and is highly sought after. Allow Colin to help you.
Optional Free Breakout Session
When booking Colin Wyatt to Speak at your event there is usually no extra charge for him to facilitate or run a breakthrough or workshop session of up to an hour or two. This is based primarily on his presentation content or the outcome you are looking for from the event. When taking advantage of this clients usually have Colin run the breakthrough or workshop segment after he has finished his main presentation or talk. Most clients use this session to get the audience putting into practice what they have heard or to get the audience to come up with the ideas the business would like them to have and be well on the way to making the changes needed.

Popular Topic Requested By Clients



Adapting to Change and getting our people to think more about: 


"How they can" rather than "Why they can't"

All talks and sessions are "TAILORED" to the outcome you are looking for from your event. This makes the messages "RELEVANT" to your audience.

With his "NO LECTURE" approach Colin gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.

With just the right amount of LAUGHTER his often amusing true stories get the audience thinking “That’s me, I do that!”
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