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Looking for a Speaker your School, College, University will enjoy, listen to and learn from?
From small internal team talks through to huge International Conferences
Invite Published Author and International Speaker Colin Wyatt to speak at your School, College, University or event event in the UK, US and Worldwide.
Whether your audience are Pupils, Students, Teachers, Staff or Headteachers, Colin always finds a way to engage fully and share some really useful tips and tools to get you not only through the day, but through your whole life. Colin always gets brilliant reviews and leaves his audience feeling highly empowered.



Melinda Collavo


Event Organiser, Ixion

Outstanding Empowerment Coach...


Colin Wyatt is an outstanding Empowerment Coach, and recently demonstrated his skills delivering a positive and powerful presentation at our recent Business Networking Seminar in Leagrave. His high-spirited and positive personality certainly infected the audience, and left the crowd feeling optimistic with regards moving forward as self-employed business owners.

Colin brings a new spark wave of fresh energy when it comes to experienced speakers today. Supercharge your event...
All talks and sessions are "TAILORED" to the outcome you are looking for from your event. This makes the messages "RELEVANT" to your audience.
With his "NO LECTURE" approach Colin gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.
With just the right amount of LAUGHTER. His often amusing true stories get the audience thinking “That’s me, I do that!”
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