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All areas of the UK covered for Face to Face Leadership Coaching and Training
Take your Success and Effectiveness to the next level with Powerful 1-1 Coaching that works!
Get expert, friendly help with current challenges
and future development for individuals
Whether you need a one off session to help with a specific issue, or a series of sessions, I help you with your real issues, challenges and desires so you get the results you need, instead of a lot of theory that just doesn’t work in the real world
Help with all aspects of Coaching...
For Individual Powerful 1-1 Coaching.

I can help you with:

Manifesting Your Dreams, Vision, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence, Self Belief, Achieving Your Goals, Deeper Aspects of Who You Are, People, Public Speaking, Productive Meetings, Dealing With Other Team and Board Members, Leadership, Culture, Team, Management, Delegation, People Management, Meetings, Time Management, Difficult Conversations and much more.....
All Industries and Professions Helped - Free Support Between Sessions
Leadership & Communication

Great Leaders help the people they work with do their best to achieve their personal goals and ambitions whilst they in turn do their best to help the business achieve its goals. In great Leadership a culture that wants to succeed is developed where everyone feels like they are part of the journey and part of a team achieving something special. Great Leaders focus on Vision, Inspiration, Motivation, Team, Culture and Success. Colin can help you "Grow Beyond Your Limits"

Why People Choose Colin Wyatt



They get fantastic results

Practical solutions, not theory

Connects with everyone he works with

International Published Author

Featured in Media

Strategies they can use immediately

Personal Success

Friendly, helpful, expert, guidance

No ongoing "lock in" contract

Outstanding Empowerment Speaker...


Colin Wyatt is an outstanding Empowerment Speaker, and recently demonstrated his skills delivering a positive and powerful presentation at our recent Business Networking Seminar in Leagrave. His high-spirited and positive personality certainly infected the audience, and left the crowd feeling optimistic with regards moving forward as self-employed business owners. We have already booked Colin for our next event!


Melinda Collavo


Event Organiser, Ixion

Colin is a bright spark wave when it comes to experienced speakers today and is highly sought after. Supercharge your event today.

Popular Topic Requested By Clients



Adapting to Change and getting our people to think more about: 


"How they can" rather than "Why they can't"

Feeling Motivated & Inspired...

Colin stayed at our primate sanctuary in South Africa and whilst there, kindly offered to do a workshop on the Law of Attraction with all the staff and volunteers. I felt his talk created positive change as people read out their dreams and visions through the exercises Colin taught. It both motivated and inspired the team to attract positivity and happiness into their lives. Afterwards there was certainly a sense of feel good in the air


Josie Du Toit


Director, Vervet Monkey Foundation 

All talks and sessions are "TAILORED" to the outcome you are looking for from your event. This makes the messages "RELEVANT" to your audience.

With his "NO LECTURE" approach Colin gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.

With just the right amount of LAUGHTER his often amusing true stories get the audience thinking “That’s me, I do that!”
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