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Looking for a Speaker your audience will enjoy, listen to and learn from?
From small internal team talks through to huge International Conferences

All topics and content can be tailored to achieve the outcomes you are looking for from the presentation and your event.

Colin Wyatt

It is time to bring a new wave of world class speakers to the speaking arena. The information and tools shared are powerful, memorable and often life changing, which makes for a more productive and happier future.
Colin’s talks are always inspirational, motivational and packed with tools and strategies your audience can use straight away. Whether it’s a corporate event, non-corporate event, team talk, casual or public event, Colin is always a perfect fit. The glowing testimonials demonstrates this. Colin truly cares and is passionate about seeing businesses and people flourish and this shines through in his presentations - always
Looking for the new spark wave of effective speakers for your company?



Any time spent in the company of Colin can seriously improve your mental & emotional wellbeing, proceed at your own benefit..!!

"The true cost of change is measured not by time or money, but through ones sheer determination and will to grow"

                                                                                                           - Colin Wyatt

Would you like your business, team or event to experience the power of this..?

Colin Wyatt Empowerment Coach

Colin isn’t one of those Speakers that lectures your audience and either sending them to sleep or making them think “It’s alright for him but I could never do it” – instead Colin has the audience thinking “If he can do it, so can I” 


He does this by making everything so simple and easy for people to understand and easy for them to do and presents in a way everyone can relate to, implement and believe. 

His talks are also fun with lots of fantastic stories, everyday examples and the audience just go away thinking and feel differently –  they go away believing they can do more, be more and they take definite action. This is often because they would have rejected the whole idea of personal change being possible for them by the time other speakers have finished. 


So many times Colin has audience members coming up to him at the end saying things like “I use to think all this stuff was rubbish but now I get it” and "I loved your energy and how I understand what I need to do". 

All talks and sessions are "TAILORED" to the outcome you are looking for from your event. This makes the messages "RELEVANT" to your audience.
With his "NO LECTURE" approach Colin gets the audience thinking, engaged and with just the right amount of laughter, presenting in a way everyone can relate to and BELIEVE! All who hear him speak will walk away knowing that personal CHANGE IS POSSIBLE for them.
With just the right amount of LAUGHTER his often amusing true stories get the audience thinking “That’s me, I do that!”
Select the option that best describes the type of Speaker or Topic you are looking for so we can show you the most relevant information...
Motivation, Success, Mindset and Confidence Topics

Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort

Be Motivated, Inspired and Succeed


Customer Service

Achieving Success and Overcoming Setbacks

Massively Improve Your Success With No Extra Effort

Setting and Achieving Goals for Maximum Success

Developing Confidence to Succeed and Take Action

Developing the Confidence to Succeed and Take Action

Working as a Team


Do More, Be More, Achieve More.


The Easy Way.


Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations


Zero to Hero in Public Speaking and Presentations


The Mindset and Skills of a Great Leader

Talks are tailored to your audience and event
Ready to find out more about Colin
for your next event?

Having Colin deliver an unforgettable presentation at your next event in the UK, USA or worldwide is easy! Whether you are looking for a conference speaker, guest speaker, inspirational speaker, public speaker or even a keynote speaker.

Colin has options available for everything from small internal team talks through to huge conferences.

All you need to do is get in touch with Colin now at the contact information below for an informal discussion about your event and what you are looking to achieve, as well as getting the answers to any questions you may have.

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have, all without any obligation at all. Call or email us right now, all details below.

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have, all without any obligation at all. Call or email us right now, all details below.

"There was a time I didn't believe that dreams could come true and yet now I find myself living them and teaching others how to live theirs!"

- Colin Wyatt

Colin helps you...


Have More Confidence

Be a great presenter

Be the best you that you can be

Win More Sales or Fee Income

Get More Clients and Customers

Run Seminars and Workshops for Staff

Be an Effective Communicator

Build Your Business through effective Networking

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have, all without any obligation at all. Call or email us right now, all details below.
01 / FAST

All talks can provide the message fast. Fast but not rushed. Colin ensures that his talks gets to the point and guarantees that by the end of his appearance, self empowerment will be better understood so that it can be practiced immediately.

02 / EASY

Colin shares his knowledge and backs it up with proof. He is a great believer in keeping things simple and therefore everything he shares is simple, easy to learn and easy to apply. He always says to others: "If I can do it, anyone can!"


The information and tools that Colin provides is highly informative and highly effective. Once the practice begins it is very effective! The change will be seen in the way your business, team or group behave, the results they achieve and it becoming a happier place to be.

Find out more...
To get in touch and find out more with no obligation by phone or email click the orange button above for Colin's contact details.

So you can take action now my phone lines are always open and my client care team will take your message anytime of day or night, every day of the year.

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