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About Colin
Through all of my personal and professional experiences that I have accumulated over the years, places me in an ideal position to share what it takes to overcome adversity, doubts and fears..
I began my journey into life with an understanding that life was a struggle and that only 'lucky' people or 'rich' people could have a good life and I didn't even know what rich people were! On top of that I learned that 'rich' people were not nice people and that they were selfish and unkind. 
Being told by family and "friends" that I wasn't good enough, that I wasn't clever or worthy enough and that I would never make anything of my life created a whole lot of doubts and fears about my own abilities and attributes that I could offer the world. I believed them for so long!
It wasn't until I came through the other side of these limiting beliefs that I realised something quite profound - I began to realise that what he had learned from others about myself simply was not true at all and that these were the reasons I decided to stand up, raise my head say to myself "enough is enough! I may have chosen to believe all the things 'they' said I was before, but not anymore. I 'choose' freedom from limitation and give myself permission to be me, I give myself permission to be free!"
This was probably one of the biggest turning points of my life - to no longer be afraid of what people thought of me and to embrace who I am and what I can achieve through offering the gifts I had been given at birth. The ability to direct and control my own mind.
Well, after many life lessons through experiences that would make even the toughest people question their strength, I learned the real values and reason of what it means to be 'truly' rich.
This took me toward the path of more discoveries which I share with my audiences and clients, be it through his speaking events, courses, sessions and books. 
My mission is to share Energy healing, meditations, empowerment coaching, cacao ceremonies, crystal sound baths and my channelled messages to the world, in the hope we can make a positive change not just personally but also to change the world into a more positive and loving place collectively.
If I could sum all this up in one paragraph, this would be it;
"It is ok to be skeptical, I was skeptical too until I found that we play a vital role in our own destiny and can, through our free will, assist others along the road in achieving theirs. If I could offer only one piece of information it would be - think about how your life is going now and how doing it the way you have been doing it is working out for you. Then make a conscious choice to better it. Then seek about finding ways to introduce a new way of doing something and never give up on a dream. For dreams are like diamonds hidden within acres of stones and once find one, you'll know exactly what to do with it every time. I know what it feels like not to feel good or worthy enough and I now know the value not only in myself, but also the value that you offer and it's time for you to be heard". 
I know that if you are up to the challenge of change along with all I have to offer, your relationships, your work, your results can change for the better and you will know what it feels like to be flowing with abundance.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better and please get in touch if you'd like to take this to the next level and get these kinds of results for yourself!

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