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Recorded & Produced by Colin Wyatt (C)2023.

All Rights Reserved.

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Happy Mind Happy You




Happy Mind Happy You

Album Info

The Journey


“The word ‘Universe’ is a combination of two words. Broken down they say ‘Uni’ & ‘Verse’ which translates as “One Song’. So as we immerse ourselves into the undisturbed frequency of 432Hz we are not only reconnecting to the earth, we are reawakening our connection to the universe”

ABOUT 432Hz 

The frequency 432Hz is the natural resonance of nature and harmonises with the Schumann field which resonates at 8Hz and our brains are connected to this field. So when there are fluctuations in the Schumann field it affects the brain and ultimately how we feel. Using harmonious frequencies we can rebalance our thoughts and emotions and improve the health of the cells in our body! The proof that 432Hz has special benefits to the body is proven with water. A dish of water was placed onto a speaker and what you see in the centre of the album cover is that very pattern. 


Unlike 440Hz which most of todays music is recorded in and found absolutely nowhere in nature, the frequency of 432Hz is found everywhere in nature and equals the number 9. This has special significance to the fibonacci sequence which shows how things form with perfect symmetry! Remember that we are at least 70% water and with the big difference frequency has on water, it would suggest that we should surround ourselves with natural frequencies more often!




The album cover has been embedded with hidden knowledge for you to discover.

This also creates a very special energy due to the power of sacred esoteric numbers and symbols.


For example:

The 432Hz pattern at the centre of the album cover is the main feature.

On the most outer region there are x3 sets of 110 lines equalling 330.

The number 33 has a significant and very powerful meaning.

When 3+3 are added together in numerology they equal 6. 


Each line in the mid section towards the centre before the black dots begin equal 9. It has 3 sets of black dots including the single dot at the centre. So already we have the 3,6,9 ratio of the fibonacci sequence and Nikola Tesla’s explanation for finding the secrets of the universe! On top of this if you count the number of the main pattern at the centre before the black dots begin it equals 28. The number 28 has significant meaning in numerology as stated here: “Some of the most common include balance, harmony, and duality. The meaning of the number 28 is often interpreted as a sign of change and new beginnings”  - Sarah Scoop


So there are many synchronicities within the structure of 432Hz to be considered just a random set of numbers!




Dream Codes Of GAIA has a total of eleven instruments. The number of instruments was not planned. In fact, had I was aiming for either 9 or 12 instruments due to their numerological significance. But, the universe had other plans and as always, when one is truly being guided, the need to control the outcome becomes secondary and having complete trust that everything will make perfect sense as to the ‘why’ when the time is right.


The universe was very insistent on eleven instruments. When I researched the significance of the number 11, here’s what came up…




Angel number 11 is one of great prophetic and spiritual power.

It relates to karma, and spiritual awakening, and is also sometimes called the teacher number.

Having this angel number sent to you by your angels is a call to align your spiritual self with your daily actions.

It’s time to take up the mantle of your life’s purpose and protect and support others. 


The amazing artwork for Dream Codes Of GAIA was put together by two beautiful souls Kevin Coulter & Alex Andra @ The attention to detail and patience with me was second to none! I knew what I wanted and trying to portray and the professionalism and creativity that these they  bring, this came easy!  Thank you so so much both of you! You are both truly amazingly heart centred people and I am forever grateful to you both ✨🙏✨ xxx


If you're looking for digital Artwork of any kind I can highly recommend Kind Star!


About The Shruti Box


Special info

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The Shruti box has been a long time favourite of mine ever since I experienced the amazing sound (its voice) that it offers. The first time I heard it, it annoyed me so much that I just had to practice surrender. Once I'd done this my meditation experience opened up to whole new levels.

I wanted to offer you, the listener, the opportunity to experience this instrument. That being said, his instrument was actually the last instrument to be added because i had totally forgotten about it. The one day I had a voice saying to listen to my shruti box and that's when I received the guidance to including it into this album.


The Shruti box definitely activates the pineal gland and produces DMT Dimethyltryptamine This chemical is produced naturally in the brain and gives us our visions during dream time.

It is also found in plant medicines and even in LSD. Don't worry through, you will not experience the same effects as LSD because when you open your eyes the effect is gone. Whereas, with LSD the effects are still there even with your eyes open!


Some people report hearing the sound of water during and for a short time after experiencing this instrument. This is because our perception of sound and even time is altered. I believe this is the true experience of sound and what sound it. With our eyes open we become limited to the reality around us whereas with our eyes closed our reality becomes infinitely bigger.

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