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Interested in Ceremonial Cacao? (As Seen on Dragons Den)


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CACAO WILL TAKE OVER COFFEE BY 2032 Here's why! Ceremonial Cacao is a great social activity. it was prophasized by the Cacao Shaman that in 2032 Caoao will become more popular than coffee when people realise the health benefits that come with this social drink


Hers just a little bit about cacao...


CACAO IS A SUPERFOOD boasting many minerals and nutrients that many of us are highly deficient in today. Including, magnesium, Iron, copper, zinc, sulphur, phosphorus, anandamide, chromium, manganese, and many others, essential fats and more!


CACAO HAS HUGE ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES and has up to 67% more antioxidants than a Blueberries and Goji Berries!





RICH SOUCRE OF FLAVONOIDS which are powerful antioxidants. They have a profound impact on the brains health and function. Through the blood stream and cross the blood brain barrier it reaches different regions of the brain.


ONE AREA OF THEY TARGET IS THE HIPPOCAMPUS, a region that is involved in learning and memory. Here the flavonoids boost the number of neurons which is known as neurogenesis and they improve the neuro connections.


INCREASES THE NUMBER OF SEVERAL NEURO TRANSMITTERS. Phenylethylamine, increases endorphins and other mood enhancing compounds and is the same chemical that is produced when you fall in love.


CACAO IS A NATURAL ANTI-DEPRESSANT and raises our mood into a more positive and relaxed one.


CONTAINS ANANDAMIDE often referred to as the ‘Bliss Molecule’. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter and an Endocannabinoid that brings about feelings of euphoria. It’s is also known as the neurotransmitter that produces the “Runners High” So cacao can lift your spirit on a sad or gloomy day.


CACAO WORKS ON THE CARDIO VASCULAR SYSTEM unlike caffeine which works on the nervous system.


CACAO ALSO HAS AN IMPACT ON OUR BRAINS BLOOD FLOW. The flavonoids in cacao have vasodilatory effects which means they widen the bloods vessels. Allowing for oxygen and more blood to reach the brain. This blood flow can improve cognitive function, attention and overall brain health.


CACAO OFFERS A SYMPHONY OF BENEFICIAL OUTCOMES. Not only is this beneficial for physical health but it can have incredible spiritual and emotional benefits for human beings.


CACAO IS KNOWN AS THE FOOD THAT NOURISHES THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT BY THE MAYA NATIONS. The Maya have used cacao as a tool over thousands of years for conflict resolution. They found out that after drinking cacao and the effects on the brain, one could enter into a state of empathy, gratitude and joy. Meaning this made it easier to face a difficult situation or conversation.


CACAO MAKES US EVEN MORE AWARE AND ALERRT THE THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND US. It makes us more conscious of how we approach our day and it creates a state of mindfulness. Not to mention is also boost energy. Preparing us for starting the day in a state of productivity.


CACAO SUPPRESSES APPETITE which means it’s excellent for weight loss. 30g in the morning would not only fill your body with energy, nutrients and minerals but also means food and breakfast time is not necessary. If your body is getting enough nutrients it will not want more food.


Order yours today and notice the difference in taste!


For more information please check out our Caoao Cremonies page.


  • This is for 500g of pure Ceremonial Cacao. FULL POWER CACAO boasts more value for your money and more grams for longer lasting enjoyment! Delivery Mainland UK only.

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