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EFT - Tapping

Providing you with quick & effective tools enabling you to overcome almost any situation.

  • 1 hour
  • From 77 British pounds
  • Online or In Person

Service Description

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as 'Tapping') is a Clinically Proven, highly effective, non invasive tool which gets to the root causes of issues and dissolves them like magic. EFT also helps to enhance one performance abilities by working the brains near connected pathways and literally rewiring them so that you can become the best version of yourself! EFT is considered an energy medicine because we use the subtle energy points of the body know in Chinese medicine as Meridian energy lines. These energy lines run throughout the entire body and with traditional Chinese medicine they use acupuncture to manipulate and redirect these energy lines so that they flow in the body the way they are meant to do. The good news with yet in EFT is there is no need for needles. We simply use our fingertips and tap on the 'End' meridian points. This is enough to get the energy flowing and for the body to become more functional. As we tap we say some words that related to the specific thing you wish to work on during that session. As we do this we are working on the emotional aspects which, when combined with the meridian points have amazing and better still, permanent results. In order to learn how to use EFT effectively book your three sessions with Colin today and let's get you living the life you want to live. Colin is an 'Advanced Accredited & Certified EFT Practitioner' and has been practicing EFT for over Eight Years. During this time Colin has worked with Thousands of clients with a 99.99% success rate. Here are just some examples of what EFT works effectively on: Trauma, Bereavement, Shame Issues, Diabetes, Psychosis, Clinical Depression, PTSD, Fears, Phobias, Weight Issues, Exams, Tests, Work Load, Annoyances, Anger, Self Acceptance, Allergies, Mental/Physical & Emotional Health, Spiritual Clarity, Self Sabotage, Abundance, Success, Releasing Old Wounds, Experiencing a More Fulfilling Life and so much more...

Cancellation Policy

We honour you and that sometimes life happens which is outside of our control. We are always as accommodating as best as we possibly can be. However we do only have a certain amount of hours in the day to help others and so last minute cancellations/alteration could come at the cost of a session. Any amendments to the appointment date are always at the discretion / availability of the Practitioner. Not turning up will void x1 session from your package or if booking individual sessions, will void the session and no refund will be given.

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